About me, Elisabeth…… Growing up in the country provided lots of inspiration for my very creative mind.   The daughter of two hippies provided a very colorful upbringing.   I tried going off to college but home ownership kept calling me.  I moved back home (free rent) and saved for a home purchase.  Eight months later, I purchased my first brick home.  I was 22 years old and had just met my now husband Mark the month prior.   I was working at a successful law firm at the time which afforded me the financial means to buy a small house.  Kinda scary when I think back.

Shortly after “I” became “We.”  Mark and I got married in the backyard a little over a year later and we brought both our boys home to that same house.  Tons and tons of memories there.  During the five years we rehab’d the house, added on and eventually sold it for a nice profit.  Without a true business platform, we went on to rehab seven more houses and three apartment complexes.

Let’s take a minute to talk about my guy………I met my husband Mark in the county courthouse.  He was a County Attorney at the time and I was a legal assistant.  Naturally, our world collided often.   He is a retired Paramedic/Firefighter and has a law degree from South Texas College of Law.  He currently has a private law practice in our little SE Texas town.  He is a master carpenter and can duplicate my visions to perfection.

So fast forward a little….Here we are, 7 years in, with a handful of rehab’s and three apartment complexes and finally I decided to give our design company a name.  “Vintage LEMON” was born.

People always ask me how I came up with the name,   => So, let me back up to those hippy parents of mine.  Because of them, I have loved all things vintage my entire life.   I guess the “Vintage” in the name is a nod to my parents, in a way.  Each letter in “LEMON” represents the first letter of Mark, mine and our kids names.  Mark, Elisabeth, Nick, Liam, Olivia  Vintage LEMON is where I hang out most of the time. But that’s not all we call ourselves…

We have an investment/management company, a storage rental company, Mark’s law practice and a home rehab / interior design company now.   We added a fourth apartment complex in May, 2018, also.  We try to flip at least one house a year except this year cause we purchased the apartment complex.  We stay very busy and have a fantastic staff that helps keep everything running smoothly.   We love collabs so if you are interested drop an email.