Embracing the Succulent Trend!

TREND ALERT!   If you follow me on Instagram you know I love succulents!!!  While browsing on Etsy.com a few weeks ago I ran across the most amazing wallpaper.  Not only is it wallpaper, which I love, it is a watercolor and succulents.  Total awesomeness!  Three of my favorite things all rolled into one.  So…

(BTW…check out my design board for this room inspiration at the bottom of this blog post.)


LET’S START WITH COLOR!!!  These colors are a good jumping off point for my design.  Remember my inspiration for this room is that fabulous wallpaper.  You’ll find many of these colors and little blue in the wallpaper.


BIG TICKET ITEMS!!!  The sectional I chose (see pic below)  from ARHAUS.COM.  It’s a great size and will go great in any room and color scheme.  When styling a room I always consider the big ticket items and/or the must haves (that wallpaper!) first.  The sofa is an obvious big ticket item coming in around $5,000.  Wallpaper can get expensive and the price may not be so obvious if you have to hire an installer.   This and similar wallpapers start around $60 per roll but it’s the cost of installation that can be the game changer.   Accent walls are always an option when considering wallpaper and the price.

VINTAGE!!!!  It wouldn’t be a Vintage LEMON design without a vintage piece or two.  Vintage pieces are timeless and surpass all trends in my opinion.    Of course, I am a sucker for vintage so whenever possible I add great vintage furniture and decor to my designs.  I fell in love with the two pieces above.  I actually have a set of lockers very similiar in my breakfast area. LOVE THEM!  The lockers for their color and the chair for its chic design and velvet fabric.   Much cheaper than buying new, vintage pieces can be a great way to add interest and style to your design.

TIME FOR THE ACCENTS!!  Chandeliers are timeless but can get expensive.  I am in love with this sea foam green chandelier, however, the price is a bit shocking.  At nearly $5000.00 it is enough to brake the bank.   This simple black iron chandelier is an alternative.  Both will look great in the space and with basic electrical knowledge lighting fixtures are an easy and fast DIY project that make such an impact on your room.


LET’S GET COZY!!!!  Lots of cozy here in the form of cute pillows, throws and accent rugs.  I love lots of different textures and patterns.  Really anything goes and one can never have to many pillows and throws as far as I’m concerned.  These little details make all the difference.   Go ahead and add those cute little succulents pictured at the top of my post to complete the design.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post and as always THANKS!!!! Please leave your email to receive notifications on future posts   -Liz

Here is the digital design board. I’m so in love with this room and to think it all started with that amazing wallpaper I found on ETSY.


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