Project Name:  “Chicken” House

Purchase price:  $32,500.00

Year Built:  1938-ish

Square footage:  1341

Bedrooms/Baths:  3/2  w/1 car garage

Land:  1/4 of a city block

Estimated cost of remodel:  $45,000.00

Estimated list price:  $132,000.00

We purchased this 1938 farm house last summer from the the original owner.  It was a mess and I am positive we are the only people crazy enough to take on such a project.   The elderly lady that owned the place moved to New Mexico to live with her son.   The son attempted to do an owner finance that eventually went waaaayyyy wrong.  There were burn marks on the wall from the fires in the fireplace and the toilet and tub were falling through the bathroom floor and the bedroom walls were painted primary colors. (eek!) Two changes and/or additions have been completed to the original structure over the years.  Mark and I think the first add-on was a room used as a beauty shop off the master bedroom. (no hallway, just a door UGH!)  The other was an enclosed porch off the back of the house.


You can see the floor damage in the bathroom.  It was a complete gut as was the kitchen.  Upon leveling the the house we found that the room addition was not attached to the main structure.  (oops!)  The porch was a complete tear off but gave us an opportunity to add square footage which equals more income. {Lemons into lemonade}

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                                                                                                                    As you can see this project was complete with ship lap and original wallpaper.  It was amazing pealing off all the layers and exposing it’s original wallpaper, ship lap and hardwood floors.  These are the things that make me happy!

Unfortunately,  all the windows had to be replaced.  Many had broken glass and wouldn’t open due to layers and layers of paint.  The hardwood floors in the kitchen and bathrooms were “trash” so we will be going with ceramic tile in those rooms.  I managed to salvage some windows and flooring for future projects. (you never know, right!?)


Demo went a little long on this project due to house leveling, unforeseen issues and major discussions (understatement) with the city inspector.  Eventually, the city hired a new inspector and we stopped finding new issues (thank goodness) and the project has run pretty smoothly since. (knock on wood)

The porch and all the windows have been removed and the room addition has been reattached to the main structure.  We had our licensed plummer re-plum the entire house to bring it up to code.  We are adding a laundry area since the original laundry hook-ups were in the kitchen.



Now to the fun part!  Rebuilding the porch.


We will be continuing this post as the job progresses.  Please check back often and leave your email to get updates on this and all our other projects.  Thanks for stopping by. VL<3


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