Wallpaper 101: The Basics

Wallpaper has come a long way.  It is the perfect inexpensive way to jazz up a room and give it that WOW! factor.  I have two areas, one near our staircase and the other outside my laundry room that I want to wallpaper.

I went to our local Sherwin Williams store and checked out two of their HGTV Home wallpaper books.  You are allowed to check out three books (yes, just like the library)  at a time however, I only chose two, one for each hand. 🙂

Most all wallpapers are sold in a double roll.  The prices vary based on many different factors such as design, pattern, texture and  pre-pasted.  I am looking for a floral (crazy about floral wallpaper) maybe geometric design with bright colors…blues, pinks, yellows.  Floral or geometric but not too girly. With two boys I would never hear the end of it.

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I do! And this wallpaper is amazing.  I love this for a bathroom but wanted to mention that some wallpapers are classified as “easy to remove.”  These are good for using in rented homes and apartments.  Of course, get permission from your landlord first before spending the money, time and effort.  I wouldn’t recommend using the “easy to remove” option in a humid environment like a bathroom.

WOW!  There is even wallpaper that looks like those popular farmhouse style pallet walls everyone is so crazy about.


Considering the time and effort it takes to collect, cut the pallets up and haul off the bits wallpaper would be a fantastic alternative.

I’ll close with this…Wallpaper is not hard to install.  There are about a million YouTube videos that can get you started.  Just remember that you can’t go wrong.  Wallpaper is not permanent and for around $50.00 can make a huge impact on a room.   Remember to make sure you purchase enough to complete the area (take measurements of the wall and calculate the square footage) and always look at the “pattern repeat”   Depending on the wallpaper, there could be wasted paper due to matching the pattern on each run.  Thanks for stopping by and please leave your email to receive updates and featured products.  VL<3


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