I have been keeping a secret.  For what seems like forever,  I have been growing a moss rug.   I had this old indoor/outdoor rug that was ready for the trash.  Instead of throwing it out, I decided to try and grow moss on it.  Below is the recipe and progress.  Check back often for updates on the moss growth.  It has taken every part of my being to put up with this ugly rug  on my back patio. I know if and when the moss grows to cover every inch of the rug it will look amazing.  I am determined to see it through and document the journey here for all of you to see.

So, here is the concoction I used to get the moss growth started.

3 handfuls of moss (Walmart)

1/2 c. buttermilk

2 tablespoons of water

add to a blender and blend until gel like (yuk, I know)

Paint on the areas that you want                                                                                                                   moss to grow with a brush or just                                                                                                                 you could even dump it over                                                                                                                          whatever you are trying to grow                                                                                                                    moss on.

Mist weekly.


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-> Here are my results after just a few weeks of growth.

You can see that the rug I started with was not in great shape.  I think you could use any old rug or even brush the mixture on rocks or clay pots to enhance your garden.   The moss that grows is just like the moss you put in the blender.  I have had some grass and clover grow on the rug but are easy to weed out.  Make sure your rug is in a shaded area.  This will not work in full sun.  Check back often for updates and send me pictures of your moss growing project.  I’ll choose a few to share.  Happy gardening!  Please leave me your email address for updates and features. VL<3

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