This month has been filled with custom work.  Starting with this whale of a kitchen island.  I am not sure what I was thinking taking on such a big job at the end of the school year.  I mean who has time to do anything when you have to shop for teacher gifts, attend school parties and end of year field trips. ugh!  In the end it looked amazing and I really enjoyed working with the homeowners.

Custom paints in new constructions are always tricky due to all the other trades working in and around each other.  When I started work on this island it was terrible rainy weather.  It practically rained for two months here in SE Texas.

The thermostat was broke and hanging off the wall by a single wire.  Not good!  This made for really humid conditions.  So…after sanding the body of the island with a vibrating sander and 150 grit paper I decided to take the doors and drawers home with me to paint them in a climate controlled environment.  (This is the raw cabinet before paint)


Let the painting begin!!!!!

I chose a Sherwin Williams paint in (Decor White) with a satin finish.  It is very creamy. Three coats of paint with proper curing time in between coats.  You may be wondering…The thermostat was repaired so I didn’t have any humidity problems once I got to painting the body.  🙂


  I loved the way it looked with just the Decor white but this is a custom home and was screaming for a custom finish.  The homeowner and I tested several different colored glazes but in the end I mix up a custom glaze using a glaze additive from Lowe’s and a dark brown SW paint I had left over from another job.  I used a 3 inch angled brush to apply the glaze coat and a damp rag to achieve the final look.


Current Sales Event


     …and I’m done.

I love the contrast of the dark wall cabinets and the light island cabinets.


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