How to turn trash into a garden treasure!

I took time off today to pot two of my flea markets finds.   First,  I worked on a drawer from a primative piece of furniture I am turning into a coffee bar.  I placed plastic in the bottom of the drawer before adding the potting soil to hopefully keep the drawer bottom from rotting or at least buy me a season or two of planting before I have to throw it out.

The area where I want to display my planter is mostly shade.  I went to the garden center at our local Wally World and chose plants that would thrive in a low light environment.   I chose a quality soil with moisture control.

I planted the larger plants in the middle and the succulents around the outside.  Once the plants get two or three weeks of growth they will fill the entire drawer.  I just love the way it turned out.

Next I moved on to the wagon.  When I found this wagon the wheels were completely gone. I added industrial casters thinking I would use it as a shoe caddy at our back door.

I didn’t add plastic this time because the wagon is metal.  Same plant type here as this will also be placed in the shade.

I’ll need to water these at least once or twice each week.

I love the look of this planter.  I think it goes great with my hodge podge of vintage patio finds.

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