Radio Flyer Wagon Desks and Trunk Top Coffee Tables 

I wanted to share with you guys my two most pinned furniture designs on Pinterest.

 The first piece of furniture I ever designed and I am still building them to this day.  The wagon desk!  Made from the metal carriage part of a vintage wagon I found in the trash.  I designed the top to open for storage.The legs and top it painted with Country Chic paint (of course).  This is still one of my hot sellers three years later.

The second most pinned item is the trunk top coffee table.  This design came to me after a fellow junker gave me an old trunk.  The bottom was rotten.  The only salvageable piece was the top.  This piece holds the record for the fastest sold item on my Facebook page at 3 minutes.

To check out more of my original design and custom work follow me on Pinterest and check out my Pinterest Obsession posts on Facebook.  Vintage LEMON

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