My Country Chic Chalk Paint Obsession

I have been an avid chalk paint user for years.  Actually I am totally crazy about the versatility of chalk paint and it’s ease of use.  I’ve tried them all.  I am completely and totally obsessed with Country Chic paint and finishes.



It is my favorite. The prices are very similar to all the others.  Yes, all good chalk paints are a little on the high side but the versatility and the fact that Country Chic paints go a long way make it the perfect choice.   There is a color for every project and if you are not happy with their color selections  you can send in a swatch of your preferred color and they will mix it up for you.  Check out my latest project below.


For my latest project using Country Chic products I chose Pebble Beach for the base and faux finished with Simplicity using a dry brush technique.  After drying, I highlighted areas with a dark glaze.  For those of you wondering this piece was purchased at an auction.  Great size and lines but the color was just really bad.  I enhanced the finish by doing some embossing around the pulls.  I will share my the embossing technique in a later blog post.


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