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****Life hacks are my favorite. Anything to make life run smoothly, right?!? So…

I was looking to purchase a t- shirt bundle for Olivia our 9 year old. Ya know, so I don’t have to remember to order those cute holiday shirts ahead of time. BTW never do I order on time and I’m usually always scrambling to put something together last minute because, let’s face it, school days are busy. One time, I order so late, the shirt didn’t even arrive in the mail on time. It showed up the day after I needed it. #epicmomfail Check out the video below on how this bundle works and make your #momlife easier this school year! 💕



1 – First Day (grade specific)

1 – Halloween

1 – Red, White and Blue

1 – Christmas (long sleeve)

1 – Valentines

Option 6th t-shirt for the last day of school


1 – First Day (grade specific)

1 – Halloween

1 – Red, White and Blue

1 – Christmas (long sleeve)

1 – Valentines

Option 6th t-shirt for the last day of school

I’ll reveal the graphics here on the blog so stay tuned!

– Liz

Bringing you up-to-date…

It’s been a very long while since my last post, so I am going to do my best to bring you all up to date on what we’ve been up to.  Since we finished the last flip there has been a major hurricane, our oldest graduated high school, I completed a handful of design details, we started two rehabs,  I styled a huge wedding and a banquet, decorated for one baby shower and we made another major real estate purchase.  (pause, take a breath)

If you remember or follow my Insta. account / @thevintagelemon / we purchased a 1938 farmhouse in our town and spent the better part of a year fixing it up adding square footage and putting our stamp on it.  We named it the Chicken House and I think it is pretty obvious why.

Before and After – Chicken House 

I love the finished product and we didn’t have any problem getting offers and quickly closing on a deal.  As we were searching for our next house flip Texas took a devastating hit by Hurricane Harvey.  Our business office received 18 inches of water not once but twice during the course of Harvey.   We managed to clean up the office and return to business as usual fairly quickly.  There were many that were not so lucky and this is how our current two rehabs came into play.

👉🏻 Around November, 2017 I took on a small 3/1 frame house that had been flooded during Hurricane Harvey.   We are still working on a few custom furniture pieces and small things on the punch list and we will be complete.  I’m looking forward to sharing all the pictures as soon as we are finished.

Before and After of the Hill House

👉🏻 January, 2018 brought on a large interior design job (blog post coming soon) and another Hurricane Harvey house.  We finished with the exterior for the most part on the Wilson Ranch and are looking forward to finishing the insulation this week.


Before and during exterior paint- Wilson Ranch

👉🏻 Then we graduated our oldest, Nick.  He will be attending college and playing college golf in the fall.  I’m not going to spend much time on this subject because…well, I’m a ball of emotions.  So that’s that!

Nick, Senior 2018 – Me – Mark ❤️

👉🏻 I worked on another huge interior design project on the coast (blog post to come) and we purchased our fourth apartment complex.  CRAZY year so far.

Welcome to the family – Plaza 18 (me on a typical windy day)

👩🏻‍💻 Keep in touch for additional updates and photos on our current projects.  We are excited to take our boy to college next mouth and have a few things up our sleeve for 2019.  I am working on making regular blog posts so I don’t have to up date you guys all at once.  You can follow me on social media for a daily dose of our world of rentals, investing, managing and designing.

Cheers – Liz








Embracing the Succulent Trend!

TREND ALERT!   If you follow me on Instagram you know I love succulents!!!  While browsing on a few weeks ago I ran across the most amazing wallpaper.  Not only is it wallpaper, which I love, it is a watercolor and succulents.  Total awesomeness!  Three of my favorite things all rolled into one.  So…

(BTW…check out my design board for this room inspiration at the bottom of this blog post.)


LET’S START WITH COLOR!!!  These colors are a good jumping off point for my design.  Remember my inspiration for this room is that fabulous wallpaper.  You’ll find many of these colors and little blue in the wallpaper.


BIG TICKET ITEMS!!!  The sectional I chose (see pic below)  from ARHAUS.COM.  It’s a great size and will go great in any room and color scheme.  When styling a room I always consider the big ticket items and/or the must haves (that wallpaper!) first.  The sofa is an obvious big ticket item coming in around $5,000.  Wallpaper can get expensive and the price may not be so obvious if you have to hire an installer.   This and similar wallpapers start around $60 per roll but it’s the cost of installation that can be the game changer.   Accent walls are always an option when considering wallpaper and the price.

VINTAGE!!!!  It wouldn’t be a Vintage LEMON design without a vintage piece or two.  Vintage pieces are timeless and surpass all trends in my opinion.    Of course, I am a sucker for vintage so whenever possible I add great vintage furniture and decor to my designs.  I fell in love with the two pieces above.  I actually have a set of lockers very similiar in my breakfast area. LOVE THEM!  The lockers for their color and the chair for its chic design and velvet fabric.   Much cheaper than buying new, vintage pieces can be a great way to add interest and style to your design.

TIME FOR THE ACCENTS!!  Chandeliers are timeless but can get expensive.  I am in love with this sea foam green chandelier, however, the price is a bit shocking.  At nearly $5000.00 it is enough to brake the bank.   This simple black iron chandelier is an alternative.  Both will look great in the space and with basic electrical knowledge lighting fixtures are an easy and fast DIY project that make such an impact on your room.


LET’S GET COZY!!!!  Lots of cozy here in the form of cute pillows, throws and accent rugs.  I love lots of different textures and patterns.  Really anything goes and one can never have to many pillows and throws as far as I’m concerned.  These little details make all the difference.   Go ahead and add those cute little succulents pictured at the top of my post to complete the design.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post and as always THANKS!!!! Please leave your email to receive notifications on future posts   -Liz

Here is the digital design board. I’m so in love with this room and to think it all started with that amazing wallpaper I found on ETSY.




The vanity light fixtures in our bathroom were very outdated.  We have lived in our home for almost 8 years and never changed out the lighting in our bathroom.   I was shopping for something that would not be very expensive but would be on trend and make an impact.



Here is the lighting fixture before.  Pretty bad…right!?  I mean frosted glass.  I’m embarrassed to even admit that I have these in our bathroom.  Guest never visit our bathroom so it has never been a priority until I decided to do our bathroom restyle.  


While at our local  Lowe’s Home Improvement store I picked up six of these blown glass shades and six of these Heritage Series 60 watt bulbs.   There were a ton of shades to choose from.  I chose the clear blown glass because I was looking for a clean industrial look but the options are endless.

…and the finished result look fabulous.  Nice and clean with a hint of industrial without spending a fortune on new fixtures. 


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Project Name:  “Chicken” House

Purchase price:  $32,500.00

Year Built:  1938-ish

Square footage:  1341

Bedrooms/Baths:  3/2  w/1 car garage

Land:  1/4 of a city block

Estimated cost of remodel:  $45,000.00

Estimated list price:  $132,000.00

We purchased this 1938 farm house last summer from the the original owner.  It was a mess and I am positive we are the only people crazy enough to take on such a project.   The elderly lady that owned the place moved to New Mexico to live with her son.   The son attempted to do an owner finance that eventually went waaaayyyy wrong.  There were burn marks on the wall from the fires in the fireplace and the toilet and tub were falling through the bathroom floor and the bedroom walls were painted primary colors. (eek!) Two changes and/or additions have been completed to the original structure over the years.  Mark and I think the first add-on was a room used as a beauty shop off the master bedroom. (no hallway, just a door UGH!)  The other was an enclosed porch off the back of the house.


You can see the floor damage in the bathroom.  It was a complete gut as was the kitchen.  Upon leveling the the house we found that the room addition was not attached to the main structure.  (oops!)  The porch was a complete tear off but gave us an opportunity to add square footage which equals more income. {Lemons into lemonade}

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                                                                                                                    As you can see this project was complete with ship lap and original wallpaper.  It was amazing pealing off all the layers and exposing it’s original wallpaper, ship lap and hardwood floors.  These are the things that make me happy!

Unfortunately,  all the windows had to be replaced.  Many had broken glass and wouldn’t open due to layers and layers of paint.  The hardwood floors in the kitchen and bathrooms were “trash” so we will be going with ceramic tile in those rooms.  I managed to salvage some windows and flooring for future projects. (you never know, right!?)


Demo went a little long on this project due to house leveling, unforeseen issues and major discussions (understatement) with the city inspector.  Eventually, the city hired a new inspector and we stopped finding new issues (thank goodness) and the project has run pretty smoothly since. (knock on wood)

The porch and all the windows have been removed and the room addition has been reattached to the main structure.  We had our licensed plummer re-plum the entire house to bring it up to code.  We are adding a laundry area since the original laundry hook-ups were in the kitchen.



Now to the fun part!  Rebuilding the porch.


We will be continuing this post as the job progresses.  Please check back often and leave your email to get updates on this and all our other projects.  Thanks for stopping by. VL<3


Wallpaper 101: The Basics

Wallpaper has come a long way.  It is the perfect inexpensive way to jazz up a room and give it that WOW! factor.  I have two areas, one near our staircase and the other outside my laundry room that I want to wallpaper.

I went to our local Sherwin Williams store and checked out two of their HGTV Home wallpaper books.  You are allowed to check out three books (yes, just like the library)  at a time however, I only chose two, one for each hand. 🙂

Most all wallpapers are sold in a double roll.  The prices vary based on many different factors such as design, pattern, texture and  pre-pasted.  I am looking for a floral (crazy about floral wallpaper) maybe geometric design with bright colors…blues, pinks, yellows.  Floral or geometric but not too girly. With two boys I would never hear the end of it.

Grab Today's Steal!       


I do! And this wallpaper is amazing.  I love this for a bathroom but wanted to mention that some wallpapers are classified as “easy to remove.”  These are good for using in rented homes and apartments.  Of course, get permission from your landlord first before spending the money, time and effort.  I wouldn’t recommend using the “easy to remove” option in a humid environment like a bathroom.

WOW!  There is even wallpaper that looks like those popular farmhouse style pallet walls everyone is so crazy about.


Considering the time and effort it takes to collect, cut the pallets up and haul off the bits wallpaper would be a fantastic alternative.

I’ll close with this…Wallpaper is not hard to install.  There are about a million YouTube videos that can get you started.  Just remember that you can’t go wrong.  Wallpaper is not permanent and for around $50.00 can make a huge impact on a room.   Remember to make sure you purchase enough to complete the area (take measurements of the wall and calculate the square footage) and always look at the “pattern repeat”   Depending on the wallpaper, there could be wasted paper due to matching the pattern on each run.  Thanks for stopping by and please leave your email to receive updates and featured products.  VL<3



I have been keeping a secret.  For what seems like forever,  I have been growing a moss rug.   I had this old indoor/outdoor rug that was ready for the trash.  Instead of throwing it out, I decided to try and grow moss on it.  Below is the recipe and progress.  Check back often for updates on the moss growth.  It has taken every part of my being to put up with this ugly rug  on my back patio. I know if and when the moss grows to cover every inch of the rug it will look amazing.  I am determined to see it through and document the journey here for all of you to see.

So, here is the concoction I used to get the moss growth started.

3 handfuls of moss (Walmart)

1/2 c. buttermilk

2 tablespoons of water

add to a blender and blend until gel like (yuk, I know)

Paint on the areas that you want                                                                                                                   moss to grow with a brush or just                                                                                                                 you could even dump it over                                                                                                                          whatever you are trying to grow                                                                                                                    moss on.

Mist weekly.


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-> Here are my results after just a few weeks of growth.

You can see that the rug I started with was not in great shape.  I think you could use any old rug or even brush the mixture on rocks or clay pots to enhance your garden.   The moss that grows is just like the moss you put in the blender.  I have had some grass and clover grow on the rug but are easy to weed out.  Make sure your rug is in a shaded area.  This will not work in full sun.  Check back often for updates and send me pictures of your moss growing project.  I’ll choose a few to share.  Happy gardening!  Please leave me your email address for updates and features. VL<3


This month has been filled with custom work.  Starting with this whale of a kitchen island.  I am not sure what I was thinking taking on such a big job at the end of the school year.  I mean who has time to do anything when you have to shop for teacher gifts, attend school parties and end of year field trips. ugh!  In the end it looked amazing and I really enjoyed working with the homeowners.

Custom paints in new constructions are always tricky due to all the other trades working in and around each other.  When I started work on this island it was terrible rainy weather.  It practically rained for two months here in SE Texas.

The thermostat was broke and hanging off the wall by a single wire.  Not good!  This made for really humid conditions.  So…after sanding the body of the island with a vibrating sander and 150 grit paper I decided to take the doors and drawers home with me to paint them in a climate controlled environment.  (This is the raw cabinet before paint)


Let the painting begin!!!!!

I chose a Sherwin Williams paint in (Decor White) with a satin finish.  It is very creamy. Three coats of paint with proper curing time in between coats.  You may be wondering…The thermostat was repaired so I didn’t have any humidity problems once I got to painting the body.  🙂


  I loved the way it looked with just the Decor white but this is a custom home and was screaming for a custom finish.  The homeowner and I tested several different colored glazes but in the end I mix up a custom glaze using a glaze additive from Lowe’s and a dark brown SW paint I had left over from another job.  I used a 3 inch angled brush to apply the glaze coat and a damp rag to achieve the final look.


Current Sales Event


     …and I’m done.

I love the contrast of the dark wall cabinets and the light island cabinets.


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Virtual Little Boy’s Room

My boys are both older and way too opinionated for me to even consider redecorating their rooms.   I do from time to time dream about it.  I though it would be fun to do a virtual styling focusing on a growing boy.

Zulily header

I found this bed on Pinterest and just love how tall the headboard is.  It’s made from reclaimed wood.  Rustic and rugged perfection!  Neutral bedding and curtians with the feather accent pillow below complete the look.

The dresser and desk…Below are my picks.  The dresser is an easy thrift store redo.  Leaving the drawers natural and painting the body of the dresser a darker shade of grey.  Simple drawer pulls can be found at any local hardware store.

The desk could be made from supplies found at your local hardware store. (See an alternative design option for the desk below) I would add this ⬇️⬇️⬇️desk chair⬇️⬇️⬇️ made from reclaimed would and metal.  I love the rope accent. (Tap the photo for link to purchase)

As for the side tables…These rustic wood five drawer chest stacked two tall on each side of the bed.  Amazing!  (Tap photo for link)

Or maybe add this metal cart, if you need more storage options, placed on one side of the bed to mix it up a bit.  (Tap the photo below for link)

And finally here are my misc. picks for accent pillows and wall decor.  For a little guy I might use this table and chairs instead of the desk but I would keep the reclaimed wood and metal chair as an accent piece.

That completes my virtual little boy’s room.  Hope you guys enjoyed it. Check back often for more virtual home styling.

How to turn trash into a garden treasure!

I took time off today to pot two of my flea markets finds.   First,  I worked on a drawer from a primative piece of furniture I am turning into a coffee bar.  I placed plastic in the bottom of the drawer before adding the potting soil to hopefully keep the drawer bottom from rotting or at least buy me a season or two of planting before I have to throw it out.

The area where I want to display my planter is mostly shade.  I went to the garden center at our local Wally World and chose plants that would thrive in a low light environment.   I chose a quality soil with moisture control.

I planted the larger plants in the middle and the succulents around the outside.  Once the plants get two or three weeks of growth they will fill the entire drawer.  I just love the way it turned out.

Next I moved on to the wagon.  When I found this wagon the wheels were completely gone. I added industrial casters thinking I would use it as a shoe caddy at our back door.

I didn’t add plastic this time because the wagon is metal.  Same plant type here as this will also be placed in the shade.

I’ll need to water these at least once or twice each week.

I love the look of this planter.  I think it goes great with my hodge podge of vintage patio finds.